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Safety and Security Unit

Safety and Security Unit

Safety and Security

About The Safety and Security Unit

This unit is entrusted with ensuring the safety of both staff and assets of the Institute. The unit identifies, evaluates and manages risks and takes precautionary measures to safeguard staff and equipment. It also offers advisory services and safety tips to staff.

We keep staff alert through regular drills, supervise fire wardens and make sure that safety measures are adapted in the Institute’s offices and training centers. Another area of focus for the unit is making sure that security equipment like the CCTV, fire alarms function and are utilized for optimum security of employees.

The Unit’s activities are also directed towards safety of our visitors. We gather useful information to guarantee safety across the states we work. Protection of the Institute’s properties and reporting unsafe and dangerous situations that affect our work across the country also falls under our responsibilities.

We design plans and procedures to deal with security incidents and emergencies. This is to ensure that security measures proportionate to the assessed risks are put in place and the impact of any incident or emergencies are minimized. The unit also investigates security incidents.

Unit contact email: [email protected]

A group photograph of staff from Institute of Human Virology Nigeria and Society for Family Health who participated in a maiden Fire Marshal training for organizations in Sheda, Gwagwalada, Abuja. 

Safety and Security Team