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Strategic Information Department

Strategic Information Department

About The Strategic Information Department

The Strategic Information (SI) Department manages the documentation, analysis, reporting, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. It guides decision making for quality programs. It comprises of three sub-units: Program Monitoring and Evaluation, Health Informatics and Surveillance and Implementation Science Unit.

The Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit routinely oversees the collection and collation of program level data from all supported health facilities for monitoring purposes. The data collated is used to generate program level indicator reports for the Government of Nigeria, the funding agencies and the Institute on a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual and annual basis. These inform program implementation decisions and show progress towards achieving set targets. The unit is also responsible for developing, modifying and deployment of Data Collection Tools (DCT) in line with the national system. Capacity building for supported health facilities, and provision of technical assistance to these facilities and the Government of Nigeria also fall under the deliverables of this unit.

Surveillance and Implementation Science Unit is responsible for analysing, interpreting and summarizing program and patient level data. The unit routinely collects and analyses data from the Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) and


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reports on newly diagnosed HIV cases, estimates of HIV incidence, estimate of HIV burden, treatment outcomes among People Living with HIV etc. to disseminate within the Institute and to a public health authority. This informs prevention strategies.

The Health Informatics unit is responsible for implementing and maintaining all information management systems within the organization. The Institute currently has systems in place that manage both patient and program level data. The unit also develop electronic tools and software programs to manage the huge data generated from the Institute’s multiple projects.

The electronic Patient Management and Monitoring system being used by the Institute is the Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS) software designed to capture longitudinal data on patient’s clinical encounters across the different service delivery points. The unit is also responsible for implementing and maintaining DHIS 2.0 web-based platform used for collection, collation and analysis of aggregate program level data for reporting. The other activities of the unit include, providing technical support and trainings on all the various platforms.

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