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Finance Department

Finance Department

Finance Department

About The Finance Department

We maintain a well-staffed and resourced Finance Department, which accounts for, harmonizes, and ensures proper management of the Institute’s financial resources and functions.

The Finance department supports the various projects and teams of the Institute, while putting in place measures for controlling and safeguarding the Institute’s assets.  To achieve this, the department has two units namely, Financial Services Unit and Financial Reporting, Budgets & Management Information System (MIS) Unit.

  1. Financial Services 
    The Financial Services Unit focuses on the provision of a general payment system for the organization. It also takes care of a range of ancillary financial services, including the operation of the staff payroll, and other related payments. This unit records and handles expenditure including payment of allowances, and other operational obligations.
  2. Financial Reporting, Budgets & Management Information System

The Financial Reporting Unit generates and provides financial reports to the Institute, various donors/grantors, and the public to ensure compliance with relevant statutory requirements. It coordinates the preparation and execution of various grant budgets. The unit also monitors budget appropriation and actual expenditure to ensure compliance with donor requirements.

The Finance Department is headed by the Finance Director with support from two-unit heads; regional, state and head office finance officers and staff members.

Unit contact email: [email protected]

Financial Services

Some staff of the finance team participating in a training

Finance Department Team